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There will be an Update on the 21/07/2016 After the Final Tests have been Completed, Daily Events have been Fixed, Also there is a new Daily Event System in Place.

Welcome to Third-Scape, 317 OSRS Private Server

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Third-Scape has many good and creative features such as:

-ReNamed NPC'S and Objects for easier Accessibility.

-Boss Killing


-All New Slayer System

-Saved Highscores

-Upgrade Shop System

-Trivia System

-Higher or Lower System

-Amazing PK Area's

-Skilling Home

-Achievements system

-Weapon and Item Achievements system

-New Game Frame Design

-New Daily Event System

-Story Mode

About Third-Scape

An Old School RSPS with Unique Idea's to make Runescape Even Better without ruining the game Play.